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Where The Money Will Go

With such a vast area being affected by the earthquake and tsunami, we knew that it would be essential to limit our goal and focus on a specific area and project to remain effective.

Identifying A Project To Support

We felt that the only way we could identify a suitable project was to visit Japan and assess at first hand where our funds could be best used. At our own expense we are planning to visit Japan in April, and will drive up to Kamaishi. Whilst there we will look to find out how our small charity can best use its resources to best effect. We will video this visit and document what we plan to do.

This way, over the months and years you will see how your money is being used. It will be a micro project but one that we plan to stick at, long after the head line attention has moved on, because the scars from this disaster will take years to heal for those affected.

We have been asked why we chose Kamaishi

We had to chose an area and we had to limit our goal, otherwise we would get swamped with something too huge and risk being ineffectual.

Tsunami hits KamaishiKamaishi was the town on television that really struck a chord with us. Suddenly this was real and suddenly this was personal. When we saw buildings we had stayed in, shops we had visited and roads we had walked down vanish in front of our eyes, under the relentless surge of that all consuming tsunami, we knew we had to act.

Not only people suffering in Kamaishi, but those affected all over Japan, and if we had the resources, all people suffering in the world. However, we are just two people, with limited resources and limited time. Rather than watch in vain and pray, we put a stake in the ground and said "now is the time to act".

The earthquake and Tsunami we saw hit Kamaishi was the catalyst for our call to action.

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Kamaishi Today

Although they have lost everything, they can still smile! Could you?
Kamaishi in better times

Mike Trees finishing the 1992 Kamaishi International Triathlon

Mike Trees finishing the 1992 Kamaishi International Triathlon
Rieko Trees at the 2004 Kamaishi International Triathlon

Rieko Trees in 2004 exiting the swim...what if the tsunami struck while we were racing, I cannot dare to think about it?
Triathletes at the 2004 Kamaishi International Triathlon

Invited triathletes from overseas all relaxing after the 2004 triathlon
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